What’s Inside

We use only the good stuff. The right stuff. We start with fresh milk, straight from the farm, and fine, pure cane sugar–absolutely never high-fructose corn syrup. We hand-pour the sugar from large sacks, blend in the milk and add the finest ingredients sourced from all around the world to craft our 33 flavors of gelato and sorbetto.

The world is a wonderful thing to eat.

What's Inside

Tahitian Vanilla Beans

Sourced from Papua New Guinea, our beans are individually-split and hand-scraped to get the best, most pure vanilla flavor, making our Tahitian Vanilla Bean gelato the best, most awesome vanilla anything on the planet.

Dulce de Leche

We got our secret dulce de leche recipe from our friend Mario, whose family has been making dulce de leche for years. Once you taste it, you’ll probably consider yourself friends with Mario, too.

What's Inside

What's Inside

Belgian Callebaut Chocolate

After hours of taste-testing chocolate for our Double Dark Chocolate gelato, we finally chose Belgian Callebaut for its delicious bitterness. Because when it comes to chocolate–unlike people–bitter is better.

Alphonso Mangos

Mangos are delicious. Alphonso mangos, from the Maharashtra region of India, are hold-my-calls-while-I-go-get-more-of-these-mangos delicious. And now that you know they’re in our Alphonso Mango sorbetto, you can use that flight money on something else. Like Talenti.

What's Inside

Making it the good way, because
that’s what makes it good.

What's Inside

Mint gelato made with one gigantic tea bag.

Imagine a steeper you use to make tea. Now imagine it, like, a whole lot bigger. That’s how we make our Mediterranean Mint gelato–with lots and lots of fresh mint and one giant steeper. It might seem a bit silly, but really what’s silly is using a syrup instead.

What's Inside

We think there’s no such thing as too many raspberries or mangos.

We often find ourselves getting a little carried away with the amount of fruit we put into our sorbettos. So much fruit, in fact, that we tend to clog the machinery with raspberries and mangos on a regular basis. We’re sorry; we just can’t help it.

What's Inside

Feels good too.

Because we use way more fresh milk than cream, our gelato not only tastes great – it also has 30 percent less fat than regular ice cream. And with our sorbettos containing no dairy at all, they’re completely fat-free. Don’t worry, though, both are still overflowing with awesomeness.

In order to achieve optimal creaminess and rich flavor, we make sure not to overrun the gelato. Overrunning would pump extra air into Talenti, and while other ice creams do this to increase volume, we feel that people already get enough air flavor as it is.

Clear packaging to make your eyes drool.

After all the Talenti-making is done, we package it in clear, recyclable, BPA-free jars to keep it fresh and to give everyone a not-so-sneaky peek of the deliciousness inside. And what’s even more great is that they’re perfectly reusable for storing all sorts of things, except maybe presents, because the whole see-through thing would probably ruin the surprise. But everything else–perfect.

What's Inside