What is gelato?

Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. Although it may seem similar to ice cream, gelato has an entirely different origin and production process. Talenti gelato is particularly special because we make it from scratch with the finest ingredients from around the world, and use an old world process to boot. Talenti is, clearly, gelato the way it was intended to be made.

What are the differences between gelato and ice cream?

Gelato contains less air than regular ice cream, making the flavors much more intense. Gelato ingredients also contain a higher percentage of solids (chocolate, caramel, pure cane sugar), giving it a smooth, velvety texture.

What is sorbetto?

Sorbetto is the Italian word for sorbet. It’s a 100% dairy-free frozen dessert made with an icy base, and oftentimes includes fruit, fruit juice, and/or fruit puree. Prego. De rien. You’re welcome.

I’m reusing my Talenti jars. Are they microwave and dishwasher safe?

Talenti’s clear jars are not microwave or dishwasher safe, but we love when our fans practice “pint-cycling.” Check out our Instagram page to see how others have reused their pints long after the gelato is gone. #pintcycling!

My Talenti had an odd grainy or icy texture as though it was freezer burnt. What caused that?

Sometimes, during distribution or in the store, a pint may have a chance to thaw and then refreeze, causing its ingredients to separate, become gritty, or develop freezer burn and ice crystals. While we maintain strict temperature control of the products, once it leaves our facility we do not have control over the care of how the product is handled.

Do you have any dairy-free products?

Yes! All of our sorbettos are dairy-free. We think you’ll love our classics like Alphonso Mango or Roman Raspberry. Enjoy!

The Double Dark Chocolate flavor lists vermouth as an ingredient. Does this mean it has alcohol in it?

We do add vermouth to this flavor, but the alcohol is cooked off during the pasteurization process. The result is a great double dark chocolate flavor with the added taste of vermouth; one that doesn’t require an ID to eat.

Which Talenti products are gluten-free?

You’re in luck. Most of our products are gluten-free. Just check the nutritional panel on your pint or quart, or go to the gluten-free section of the product page on our website to see all of our gluten-free options.

Do Talenti products contain high-fructose corn syrup?

We believe in making gelato and sorbetto without high-fructose corn syrup. Sometimes it’s what’s not in our pints that make them Clearly Talenti.

Is Talenti Non-GMO?

We take great pride in using non-GMO sourced ingredients in our products. If you’d like to learn more about how we define non-GMO sourced ingredients, click here. Or visit the Unilever policy page here.

I can’t find a flavor, what do I do?

Try our store locator to find the nearest retailer carrying your favorite flavor. You can expand the search radius or try other nearby zip codes if you can’t find it nearby. And if that doesn’t work, hand this form to the frozen food manager at your retailer, and ask him/her to order the flavor you’re looking for! Of course, we are also happy to help if you want to email us at comments@talentigelato.com.

Are the milk, cream and eggs pasteurized in Talenti products?

Yes, any individual ingredients we use like milk, cream and eggs are pasteurized, as is the final product that’s on your spoon. Products are pasteurized in the beginning stages of production and are safe for everyone to enjoy.

I keep kosher. What Talenti flavors are for me?

You’ve come to the right place. All Talenti products are OU-D kosher.

Why does Talenti use palm oil?

Palm oil is not a key ingredient in our ice cream, but we sometimes use chunks or pieces (such as baked goods) that are made with palm oil sourced from Indonesia or Malaysia. Our parent company, Unilever, is committed to providing a greater level of detail and transparency as to where the palm oil contained in our products is sourced and who supplies it. Our goal is to eliminate deforestation from our supply chains and reach 100% physically certified sustainable palm oil by 2019. Read more about the Unilever palm oil policy here.

What is the caffeine content in Talenti’s coffee flavors?

Our Coffee Chocolate Chip gelato has roughly 0.6mg of caffeine per serving. In comparison, a cup of coffee has roughly 45-180mg of caffeine, and a cup of tea has 24-31mg of caffeine. The Cold Brew Sorbetto has 0mg of caffeine per serving.

Are Talenti pints and quarts BPA free?

Indeed. Reuse them for all of your container needs, just know they are not dishwasher or microwave safe.

What are the “natural flavors” in Talenti products?

Most of the natural flavors included in Talenti products are comprised of ingredients such as fruit juices, fruit concentrates, essential oils, and extracts, but they vary by flavor. Most of the exact ingredients are considered to be proprietary information by our vendor-partners, but meet the FDA’s definition of natural flavor which contain no allergens or unnatural ingredients. If any allergens are present, it will be labeled in the ingredient statement on the product.

What is the purpose of soy lecithin in Talenti?

Soy lecithin is used as an emulsifier that binds fat and non-fat components together to create a homogeneous mixture and create stability.

Can Talenti be purchased outside of the USA?

We’re focused on achieving full distribution in the U.S. right now, but we are starting to leave footprints elsewhere. This year, we are launching in Australia! As for other countries, stay tuned…

What is the purpose of dextrose in Talenti?

It keeps your gelato cold and smooth. The non-GMO sourced dextrose used in our product is a derivative of corn, and is to lower the freezing point. We use just a little of this ingredient in our product, but it helps create the smooth mouth feel of traditional gelato.

Why has the name of Talenti vanilla bean gelato changed over the past few years?

As devout fans have noticed, we have changed the name of our Vanilla Bean gelato over the past few years as our ingredient sourcing has changed. We started with Tahitian vanilla beans and are currently using Madagascan vanilla beans, which have a more bourbon-y flavor that we are obsessed with! We are committed to letting our fans know about any ingredient changes in our products and are always happy to answer more questions!

Where can I find Talenti?

Check our store locator to search by flavor and by zip code!

Does Talenti use milk that is free of added hormones and antibiotics?

We love our cows, and we love the people who eat what our cows make, so we make sure all of the dairy products used in Talenti are rBGH-free and sourced from humane farms.

How does Talenti disclose any potential allergens?

When creating our products, customer safety is our first and foremost priority. We do all we can to ensure no customer is affected by the six allergens we use in our plant – soy, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, milk and eggs – however, we do not have separate production lines for our flavors containing these allergens. As such, Talenti follows a very rigorous Allergen Quality Control Plan for the storage and handling of these allergens to ensure that our product contains no unlabeled allergens.