Talenti ingredient search

Partnering with Craftsmen

We search the globe for the best ingredients and make them – and the craftsman behind them – our heroes. We love finding people like Mario, who makes our dulce de leche, and partnering with them to grow their businesses and share their expertise. Nurturing the world’s craftsmen and supporting their passion is part of what makes Talenti special.

Help us Find Our Next Special Ingredient

Once in a while we have an opportunity to source a new partner for one of our gelato recipes. Right now, Talenti is looking for the world’s best gluten-free brownie to transition our popular Fudge Brownie gelato to be gluten free, so even more people can enjoy it. We need your help to find the best gluten free brownie to include!

Here’s How You Can Help

•For Fans: If you have Celiac disease or try to avoid gluten, you’re just the expert we need to help us find the best tasting gluten-free brownie. Email us at ingredients@talentigelato.com with suggestions for your favorite packaged brands or local gluten-free bakeries. If you have a great recipe but aren’t a manufacturing facility, unfortunately we don’t have a solution right now (we don’t bake brownies ourselves… but that would be delicious).

•For Suppliers/Bakeries:  Tell us more about yourself, your product, and your story – where did your recipe come from, where is the cocoa sourced, and what makes you special. Email us at ingredients@talentigelato.com to start the conversation, and we can share more specifications about what we require.


We don’t have tight deadline right now; the search will continue until we find the most delicious gluten-free brownie or gluten-free bakery to work with! We can’t wait to taste the options.

Ability to cut a piece between “¼ to ½”.

Pack in a bulk case (bag inside of a corrugate box).

Free-flowing product at ambient or frozen.