Talenti NON GMO

Our Commitment

The best gelato starts with the best ingredients. That’s why Talenti strives to source ingredients of the highest quality – whether it’s our trademark dulce de leche from Argentina, Alphonso mangos from India, Madagascan vanilla beans, or real brown sugar for our Southern Butter Pecan. And we are proud to say that by September, Talenti will use only non-GMO sourced ingredients across all of our gelatos and sorbettos. This decision is just one of many ways our commitment to the careful sourcing you expect comes to life.

New Transparency on Our Ingredients Labels

We know there are a lot of questions about genetically modified crops and ingredients. So, we aim to be as transparent as possible about the ingredients we use. You’ll notice that on our packaging, there is a disclosure to certify that any ingredients at high risk for GMO comingling (such as those made from sugar or corn) are from a non-GMO source.

Our top non-dairy sorbettos are fully Non-GMO Project verified, and you’ll see their seal on the back of those pints. For all other products, we use a third party called Where Food Comes From to verify any ingredients that could be at risk of violating Unilever’s Non-GMO Sourced standards (PDF 34.2 KB). This lets you know that we triple-checked their sourcing to adhere to our non-GMO sourced standards.

You can read more about Unilever’s Non-GMO Sourced standards (PDF 34.2 KB) here. In short, Talenti products are not made or grown from food or seed that has been knowingly or intentionally produced with genetic engineering. Just one more reason to love Talenti!

Our Dairy

One complication is that our dairy and egg suppliers may still use conventional animal feeds that contain GMO grains such as corn and soy, which is common practice in the United States. In line with regulations in most countries and the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure law in the U.S., our non-GMO Sourced standards do not apply to animal feed. We are actively seeking cost-effective options for farmers within our supply chain to convert to non-GMO animal feed.

More Questions?

If you have more questions about our policy or products, you can contact us here. We’d be happy to talk to you more about our policies and processes; you know we love talking about gelato!