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Our Ingredient Process
Crafted For Taste


The story of Talenti begins in the ‘90s, in Argentina. Our founder, Josh Hochschuler, was living and working in Buenos Aires. He was quickly drawn to the people, the food, the fútbol, and the architecture. But it was the gelato that captured his heart. “I fell in love with the gelato—the taste, the texture, the consistency, and the experience of gathering to talk about it,” he said.

This powerful connection led Josh to seek an apprenticeship at a Buenos Aires “heladería.” There he learned the craft of making Old World style gelato: the slow process of cooking batches of ingredients together to infuse maximum flavor. Then he brought this craft back to the States and opened the first Talenti gelateria in Dallas, Texas, in 2003.

Still today we remain as rooted as ever in crafting Old World style gelatos and sorbettos that will capture your heart.

Crafted For Taste


We travel the world over to source the highest quality ingredients. Whether it’s fragrant vanilla beans from Madagascar, or creamy mangos from Maharashtra, we always start with real ingredients for the most authentic flavors. For example, our trademark dulce de leche comes from our friend Mario, who uses an Argentinian recipe has been passed down for several generations.

Ingredient Map


Across our dozens of flavors, you’ll always find an enticing new recipe to spark your curiosity, indulge your palate, or introduce you to a new tradition. For example, in our classic Madagascan Vanilla Bean we add a dash of lemon zest to enhance the floral vanilla notes. And in our Double Dark Chocolate, we blend semi-sweet chocolate chips with a hint of vermouth. We add a unique Talenti twist to our recipes, creating flavors that excite from the very first bite.


We slow cook our ingredients in fresh cream and milk for 45 minutes to distill maximum flavor, similar to how French chefs might use a bain-marie (or water bath) technique. We steep fresh mint leaves to create the base for our Mediterranean Mint. We blend fresh coconut pulp to cook into Caribbean Coconut for authentic tropical taste and texture. These are just a few examples that reflect our belief that there are no shortcuts when it comes to crafting the most delicious gelatos and sorbettos.