Raise the Jar

Crafted For Taste
Crafted For Taste

Talenti is raising the bar for better gelato and a better culinary world.

To Raise the Jar is to raise the standard of how gelato is made and enjoyed. It’s more than just our mantra — it’s the north star for every decision we make. Raise The Jar pays homage to our traditional slow-cooking process, painstakingly sourced ingredients, and thoughtful recipes. From the ingredients we use to the people we partner with, every step is designed to elevate your moment of indulgence while celebrating the diversity of the culinary world.

Crafted For Taste

When our founder, Josh, moved to Argentina, he was inspired by the gelateria culture. “I fell in love with the gelato — the taste, the texture, the consistency, and the experience of gathering around with friends and family to enjoy it,” he said. Josh set out to learn the craft of making traditional gelato, with high-quality ingredients cooked slowly to infuse maximum flavor.

The brand has grown from a small gelateria in Texas to the best-selling gelato in the United States. And still today, Talenti believes there are no shortcuts to good taste. We believe the more time and care we put into our gelato and sorbetto, the tastier the final product will be. It’s why we still slow cook our gelato in the traditional style.


It’s why we source only the highest quality ingredients from around the world. Whether it’s fragrant vanilla beans from Madagascar, or creamy mangoes from Maharashtra, we start with real ingredients for the most authentic flavors.

It’s why we package our gelatos and sorbettos in a beautiful clear jar, inspired by the way Italian gelaterias display their assortment of gelatos. Our jars showcase the beauty of our product and speak to the transparency of our brand.

It’s why we turn to chefs, mixologists, and other culinary creators to find inspiration for our recipes.

It’s why we collaborate with partners that share our commitment to honoring culinary creators from different traditions and cultures, whose contributions are too often ignored or dismissed. We’ve had the honor of collaborating with partners like Top Chef and Black Food Folks, and we remain committed to supporting diverse culinary creators and celebrating their contributions. 

Talenti. Raise The Jar.